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About Utah Property Management Associates (UPMA)

Utah Property Management Associates is formerly known as Zions Securities Company, LLC, and Zions Securities Corporation.

Zions Securities Corporation (ZSC) was organized by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on February 7, 1922. The purpose of the company was to manage and operate several acquired properties. Since that time, UPMA has become a full-service real estate company and has been involved with many Church properties primarily in Utah and in several other states.

Utah Property Management Associates, LLC is a subsidiary of Property Reserve, Inc.

UPMA’s scope of operations and real estate management include:

Commercial Real Estate

UPMA has been very involved in the development, construction, management, and leasing of commercial buildings in the Salt Lake City’ downtown central business district. Presently, we are property managers for over 3 million sq. ft. of commercial buildings. UPMA accommodates some of the most prestigious tenants in the Salt Lake valley. Some of our well-known office buildings include Eagle Gate Plaza and Office Tower, Gateway Tower West, Social Hall Plaza, and Triad Center.


UPMA has constructed and/or renovated downtown residential buildings to include apartments and several homes, and has built apartments in Salt Lake City and Ogden, Utah. The Residential Group presently leases and is property manager to approximately 1,100 apartment units. Several of the apartments we manage include Brigham Apartments, Eagle Gate Apartments, Gateway Condominiums, and Colonial Court in Ogden, Utah.


Managing parking lots, UPMA has developed, constructed, and maintained parking structures in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah. UPMA has also created parking for sporting, cultural, religious, and other activities. The Parking Group currently maintains and manages approximately 6,200 parking stalls, including parking at City Creek Center. More downtown parking information can be found by visiting www.citycreekparkingslc.com.

Salt Lake City

UPMA is a community building partner and works closely with and offers support to other downtown organizations and businesses. Heavily involved in community groups and associations, UPMA expends time and offers resources for the future strong growth of the community and livelihood of the State.

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