Job: Residential Property Manager

Title Residential Property Manager
Salary DOE
Location Salt Lake City, UT
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Under the direction of the Portfolio Manager, manage the day-to-day operations of the property or properties assigned, including, but not limited to, the general administration and maintenance of the physical plant and grounds; to direct and control all personnel and resources to the end that the property is maintained at all times in good physical condition within the fiscal limits set for the property.


  • Lease Administration
    • Ensuring accuracy of all accounting records associated with leases.
    • Ensuring tenant and landlord comply with all terms of lease.
    • Review and prepare correspondence to tenants regarding leases.
    • Responsible to make sure all leases are input into the accounting system accurately and that rent charges are correct.
    • Manage collection of rent on time. Report to owner information on past due accounts and efforts to collect any past due rent.
    • Coordinate preparation of legal notices and or possible evictions for lease violations.
    • Review monthly billing statements to insure accuracy, and that all charges are being properly billed to tenant.
  • Tenant Relations and Retention
    • Ensure that tenants are satisfied with their premises performing building walk-throughs and inspections.
    • Manage building tenant appreciation events and all other items relating to tenant satisfaction.
    • Assure that all tenant concerns are handled in a timely and appropriate fashion.
    • Prepare and provide tenant handbooks to all tenants in each of the buildings.
  • Financial Performance
    • Oversee the financial performance of the building.
    • Report monthly operating budget variances to Portfolio manager on each building.
    • Prepare and submit yearly capital and operating budgets, and quarterly reforecasts.
    • Prepare payback evaluations on capital improvement alternatives as needed. Evaluate all capital expenditures to ensure compliance with approved capital projects.
    • Approve operating expenditures in buildings.
    • Assist in gathering lease rate information on competing properties.
  • Property Development and Value Enhancement
    • Assist in preparing long-range goals for the properties
    • Prepare ten year master plans which forecast operating income and capital costs for 10 years on each property.
    • Perform property analysis in the form of an in-house appraisal which provides history of the building, current position in the market and establishes a market value.
  • Policy Administration
    • Follow all on-site and other owner policies and procedures for the proper operation of each building.
    • Participate in all property audits and prepare audit responses and implement any corrections needed.
  • Construction/Project Management
    • Administer and coordinate all capital projects or tenant buildout projects on properties.
    • Ensure that expenditures of construction dollars are in accordance with the financial model used for approval of the funds.
    • Manage, oversee, and coordinate all phases of construction.
    • Approve all construction related invoices.
    • Ensure that each project is closed out in a timely fashion.
    • Ensure that work complies with company’s and owner’s specifications.
    • Ensure that work is done in accordance with building codes.
    • Meet with tenant and architect to assist with space planning, construction timing, and problem-solving.
    • Assist with and coordinate with project managers when they are assigned to manage a project on the property including assisting with tenant interaction as needed, move in preparation, and problem solving.  Project managers will take the lead on projects they are assigned to but property managers will continue to assist the project managers in assuring the successful completion of the project.
  • Property Maintenance and Operations
    • Conserve the owner’s assets by ensuring timely preventative maintenance on equipment
    • Ensure appealing appearance of the building by directing efforts of the janitorial contractor
    • Ensure proper maintenance to avoid unnecessary capital repair expenditures
    • Respond to and manage all building emergencies
    • Create and administer emergency plans for each building including administering fire drills or other emergency testing as needed.
    • Supervision of building staff and contract maintenance.
    • Supervise and train building engineers and support staff.
    • Supervise all contract maintenance personnel while working in buildings.
    • Ensure that construction personnel or other vendors follow building and construction guidelines.
  • Contract Negotiations and Administration
    • Negotiate service, maintenance, elevator, janitorial, landscaping, or other contracts as needed.
    • Make sure all terms and conditions of contracts are met.
  • Lease Renewal, Expansion and New Occupants
    • Market vacant space in buildings.
    • Show vacant space to prospective tenants.
    • Perform all residential leasing functions as needed.
  • Reporting
    • Prepare monthly activity reports including occupancy, delinquency, budget variance, capital project status reports.
    • Prepare weekly reports as requested on project updates.
    • Residential property managers will also be responsible for other assignments from Portfolio Manager from time to time.


  • 3 years residential property management experience or in related field
  • Two years post-secondary education preferred
  • Accredited Resident Manager or similar designation preferred
  • Financial and administrative skills
  • Pleasant personality and ability to work with and understand the problems and attitudes of tenants.
  • Interest and enthusiasm for property management
  • Common sense and judgment in day-to-day matters.
  • Ability to solve tenant, personnel, and financial problems.
  • Neat, clean and appropriate appearance.
  • Accounting and administrative skills.
  • Ability to keep accurate records.
  • Mechanical inclination.
  • Honesty and integrity are a must
  • Standard work days will be Monday through Friday, but may need to work on other days in rare occasions and serve on-call as necessary.
  • Understand and abide by fair housing practices
  • Must be proficient in Microsoft Word, Outlook, Excel, and accounting software such as Yardi.
  • Ability to close a sale



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